These snapshots of series are all current works in progress.



Deflated spaces, left behind, left empty….they hold a presence of the people who were here before. People lived here, worked here. They had conversations about politics, money, the weather. Maybe they argued. Questions hang in the air and fall into debris on the floor. If ghosts exist, they are here.



  Kelev  Israel's hand

For the aged in our communities, their stories speak of times long past, experiences sometimes beyond our imagination. everyone has a unique and wondrous story to share. These portraits are how I honor each person and their experience, asking and listening to their story. In exhibition, the narratives accompany the portraits. This is Israel. I met him in the shuk in Jerusalem, just before Shabbat. He started up conversation, and we spoke for two hours as he shared snippets and pieces of his life story with me, from tragedy to politics and everything in between.